WASH & Trachoma Systematic Review

© Raul Vasquez/ORBIS International via Flickr (CC https://www.flickr.com/photos/28816130@N06/2753923086)


The first in this series of SHARE-funded studies exploring the impact of WASH on NTDs, this systematic review compiled and analysed evidence on the importance of WASH in Trachoma elimination strategies. 

Trachoma is the world's leading cause of infectious blindness. The World Health Organization has endorsed the SAFE strategy in order to eliminate blindness due to trachoma by 2020 through “surgery,” “antibiotics,” “facial cleanliness,” and “environmental improvement.” While the S and A components have been widely implemented, evidence and specific targets are lacking for the F and E components, of which water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) are critical elements.

However, as of 2013, data on the impact of WASH on Trachoma which could support policy and programme recommendations were lacking. This study addressed this evidence gap, finding strong evidence to support F and E components of the SAFE strategy. 


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