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PDF icon POLICY BRIEF: The Impact of Poor Sanitation on Nutrition
PDF icon POLICY BRIEF: WASH and Maternal and Newborn Health - Time to Act
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Risk of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes among Women Practicing Poor Sanitation in Rural India: A Population-Based Prospective Cohort Study
PDF icon PRESENTATION: WASH and Maternal and Newborn Health
PDF icon BRIEFING NOTE: SHARE at AfricaSan 4
PDF icon REPORT: Developing Microfinance for Sanitation in Tanzania
PDF icon POLICY BRIEF: Estimating the Potential Impact of Sanitary Child Stool Disposal
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Laboratory Development and Field Testing of Sentinel Toys to Assess Environmental Faecal Exposure of Young Children in Rural India
Power Point icon PRESENTATION: Shared Sanitation - an Improved Form of Sanitation or Not?
PDF icon REPORT: An opportunity not to be missed
PDF icon REPORT: Undoing Inequity Mid Term Review - Zambia
PDF icon REPORT: Undoing Inequity Mid Term Review - Uganda
PDF icon PRESENTATION: Sustainability and Value For Money in WASH
PDF icon RESEARCH POSTER: Undoing Inequity
PDF icon BRIEFING NOTE: WASH & CLEAN - A situational analysis on hygiene on maternity wards in India and Bangladesh
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Psychosocial Stress Associated with Sanitation Practices - Experiences of Women in a Rural Community in India
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Co-producing Inclusive City-Wide Sanitation Strategies - Lessons from Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Sharing Reflections on Inclusive Sanitation
PDF icon Menstrual Hygiene Matters: Training Guide for Practitioners
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Pit Latrine Emptying Behaviour and Demand for Sanitation Services in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Video icon VIDEO: Toilets on Credit
Video icon VIDEO: Sanitation and Women in India - Reflections from Delhi
PDF icon POLICY BRIEF: Complementary Food Hygiene - An overlooked opportunity in the WASH, nutrition and health sectors
PDF icon REPORT: Embedding Access to Finance in Sanitation Programmes
PDF icon REPORT: SanFin-Tz Workshop (Dec 2014)
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