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Video icon VIDEO: No Relief - Sanitation Vulnerability
PDF icon BRIEFING NOTE: Sanitation Vulnerabilities - Women's stresses and struggles for violence-free sanitation
PDF icon BRIEFING NOTE: Social and Psychological Impact of Limited Access to Sanitation
PDF icon BRIEFING NOTE: Coping Strategies to Deal with Inadequate WASH Facilities and Related Health Risks
PDF icon BRIEFING NOTE: WASH & CLEAN - A situational analysis on hygiene on maternity wards in India and Bangladesh
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Effectiveness of a rural sanitation programme on diarrhoea, soil-transmitted helminth infection, and child malnutrition in Odisha, India: a cluster-randomised trial
Audio icon PODCAST: Does Improving Sanitation Benefit Health?
PDF icon BRIEFING NOTE: European WASH and NTDs Roundtable
PDF icon RESEARCH SUMMARY: Sanitation and Hygiene in Blantyre
Power Point icon PRESENTATION: European Roundtable on WASH and NTDs
Power Point icon PRESENTATION: Undoing inequity - inclusive WASH programmes that deliver for all
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Where There Is No Toilet: Water and Sanitation Environments of Domestic and Facility Births in Tanzania
Video icon VIDEO: Safe food, healthy child
PDF icon REPORT: Sanitation Issues in Namibia
Video icon VIDEO: Undoing Inequity - the early impact in Uganda
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Identification of the potential opportunities, barriers, and threats within the sector in taking up sanitation as a business: rural sanitation in Nkhata Bay District (Malawi)
PDF icon Nepal Food Hygiene Project - Intervention Components
Audio icon Nepal Food Hygiene Project Jingle
PDF icon REPORT: The role of Districts in the implementation of Tanzania’s National Sanitation Campaign
PDF icon Research-into-Use Guide
PDF icon Disability: Making CLTS Fully Inclusive. By Wilbur, J. and Jones, H.
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Transmission of helminth eggs through hands in a high-risk community
Power Point icon PRESENTATION: Private Sector Participation in the delivery of Sanitation and Hygiene Services
PDF icon Identification of funding mechanisms for private sector participation in the provision of rural household sanitation facilities, in Nkhata Bay District (Malawi) by Rochelle Holm, Victor Kasulo, Elijah Wanda
PDF icon REPORT: Innovative Communal Sanitation Models for the Urban Poor. Lessons from Uganda.
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