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PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: From joint thinking to joint action: A call to action on improving water, sanitation and hygiene for maternal and newborn health
Video icon VIDEO: Professor Cairncross at the STOP Stunting Conference 2014
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Getting the basics right - the role of water, sanitation and hygiene in maternal and reproductive health; a conceptual framework
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: A Simple Microbiological Tool to Evaluate the Effect of Environmental Health Interventions on Hand Contamination
Video icon VIDEO: No Relief - Sanitation Vulnerability
PDF icon BRIEFING NOTE: Sanitation Vulnerabilities - Women's stresses and struggles for violence-free sanitation
PDF icon BRIEFING NOTE: Social and Psychological Impact of Limited Access to Sanitation
PDF icon BRIEFING NOTE: Coping Strategies to Deal with Inadequate WASH Facilities and Related Health Risks
PDF icon BRIEFING NOTE: WASH & CLEAN - A situational analysis on hygiene on maternity wards in India and Bangladesh
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Effectiveness of a rural sanitation programme on diarrhoea, soil-transmitted helminth infection, and child malnutrition in Odisha, India: a cluster-randomised trial
Audio icon PODCAST: Does Improving Sanitation Benefit Health?
PDF icon BRIEFING NOTE: European WASH and NTDs Roundtable
PDF icon RESEARCH SUMMARY: Sanitation and Hygiene in Blantyre
Power Point icon PRESENTATION: European Roundtable on WASH and NTDs
Power Point icon PRESENTATION: Undoing inequity - inclusive WASH programmes that deliver for all
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Where There Is No Toilet: Water and Sanitation Environments of Domestic and Facility Births in Tanzania
Video icon VIDEO: Safe food, healthy child
PDF icon REPORT: Sanitation Issues in Namibia
Video icon VIDEO: Undoing Inequity - the early impact in Uganda
PDF icon JOURNAL ARTICLE: Identification of the potential opportunities, barriers, and threats within the sector in taking up sanitation as a business: rural sanitation in Nkhata Bay District (Malawi)
PDF icon Nepal Food Hygiene Project - Intervention Components
Audio icon Nepal Food Hygiene Project Jingle
PDF icon REPORT: The role of Districts in the implementation of Tanzania’s National Sanitation Campaign
PDF icon Research-into-Use Guide
PDF icon Disability: Making CLTS Fully Inclusive. By Wilbur, J. and Jones, H.
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