28 May 2015

Building the Evidence Base around Menstrual Hygiene Management

Imagine not having access to a safe, hygienic and private place to manage your period. You can’t. But this is a reality for many women and girls across the globe. Read more...

18 May 2015

Making the Most of Available Resources: Lessons from Value-for-Money Research

Looking for tips on improving the performance of WASH investments? VFM analysis may hold the answer. Read more...

13 April 2015

Thought-provoking Toolkit Training

The SHARE-funded Violence, Gender and WASH Practitioners’ Toolkit launched in June 2014 has continued to be in very high demand this year, featuring in two training events in March alone! Find out more. Read more...

13 April 2015

Piloting a New Training Guide

An informative, new training guide which seeks to assist practitioners in integrating menstrual hygiene management (MHM) into their work and programmes has just been published by SHARE and WaterAid. Find out more! Read more...

13 March 2015

SHARE Researchers Contribute to Important New WHO Report

SHARE researchers have contributed to an important new WHO report summarising new evidence on the impact of poor WASH on health outcomes. Read more...

06 March 2015

Blog - Why sanitation, spearhead of urban improvement in the 19th century, has become the laggard of the 21st

Drawing on a recently published paper in 'World Development', Gordon McGranahan of IIED considers why, given we seem to have the know-how, there are still so many people in cities without decent sanitation. Read more...