13 March 2015

SHARE Researchers Contribute to Important New WHO Report

SHARE researchers have contributed to an important new WHO report summarising new evidence on the impact of poor WASH on health outcomes. Read more...

06 March 2015

Blog - Why sanitation, spearhead of urban improvement in the 19th century, has become the laggard of the 21st

Drawing on a recently published paper in 'World Development', Gordon McGranahan of IIED considers why, given we seem to have the know-how, there are still so many people in cities without decent sanitation. Read more...

20 February 2015

Sheillah's Blog: Reflections of a PhD Student

Want to know what investigating the relationship between residence and sanitation quality in the informal settlements of Kisumu entails? Find out all about Sheillah's PhD journey here! Read more...

06 February 2015

Sharing Research Findings in Malawi

Been following SHARE's research in Malawi? The results are out! Read this article to find out more Read more...

30 January 2015

Lessons Learned from the Sanitation Microfinance Action-Research

What did the sanitation microfinance action-research we funded in Tanzania unveil? Read this article and find out. Read more...

27 January 2015

Using Wastewater in Urban Agriculture: Risky Behaviour?

With the 2015 Gates Letter highlighting the brilliant potential of agriculture to reduce poverty and ensure food security for Africa by 2030, the issue of innovation in agriculture has never been more salient. Find out how SHARE is building the knowledge-base. Read more...