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SHARE contributes to achieving universal access to effective, sustainable and equitable sanitation and hygiene by generating evidence to improve policy and practice worldwide

Some of our key research locations


Sustainable sanitation/Foter/CC BY

Kenya is among the top ten richest countries in Africa (IMF, 2015), but just under a third of its population has access to improved sanitationRead more


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Although Zambia made great strides in improving access to improved forms of sanitation, an estimated 14% of the population practices openRead more

Other Countries

SDI/Zimbabwe Homeless Peoples' Federation

Outside of SHARE’s focus countries, we have also supported a range of research projects in several other countries on the following topics:Read more


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Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries in the world and just under half of its 159 million population lives on less than US$2 a dayRead more

New resources

Aetiology of Diarrhoea in Children Under

This study, conducted by Chisenga et al. (2018) and published in Pediatric Infectious Disease , aimed to document viral, bacterial and protozoan enteric pathogens responsible for causing moderate-to-severe diarrhoea among children under five presenting at public health facilities in Zambia...
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Applying outcome mapping to plan, monito

SHARE has applied outcome mapping as an approach to plan, monitor and evaluate its research into use work. Outcome mapping (OM) is an iterative approach to project planning, monitoring and evaluation which seeks to identify, engage and work with the key stakeholders who are likely to help foster...
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Some of our projects


The third in a series of four SHARE-WSSCC co-funded studies , this operational research sought to develop and pilot a suite of toolsRead more


In the urban slums of Lusaka, only 56% of the population are reported to have access to an improved latrine (WHO, Unicef, 2013). ThisRead more

Sanitation Mapper

Inspired by the previous successful development of the Water Point Mapper by WaterAid , this project aimed at developing a low costRead more

Disease Burden Inequities & Pro-Poor Targeting

University of Florida/Rick Rheingans

This study, carried out by LSHTM in partnership with the University of Florida , sought to estimate inequities in sanitation-relatedRead more

Latest Updates

Our Researcher of the Month for June is Dr Amber Barnes , postdoctoral research associate at Duke University. Amber is the first author of a recent SHARE study on domestic animal ownership and household water contamination in peri-urban Kenya. Here,...
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26 Jun 2018
Pit latrines may not be a major threat to groundwater contamination as very few instances of such contamination have shown to occur in a new icddr,b study. Consumed directly as drinking water, groundwater is contaminated more often due to poor...
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5 Sep 2017