SHARE Research | Malawi | Research Dissemination

Sharing Findings in Malawi


Our initial research projects in Malawi have drawn to a close, so last month we decided to hold a series of dissemination workshops across the country to share their key findings and lessons learned. Fresier Maseko, SHARE Research Coordinator in Malawi, reports on these events.


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SHARE Research | Disability Compendium

Looking for Pointers on Making WASH Inclusive?


Look no further! We are delighted to announce the publication of a new Compendium of Accessible WASH Technologies, produced by WaterAid and WEDC. It offers excellent guidance for health workers, community volunteers and WASH practitioners working in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa on how household WASH facilities can be made more accessible for disabled and older people.


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SHARE Research | Prince Antwi-Agyei

Using Wastewater in Urban Agriculture: Risky Behaviour?


With the 2015 Gates Letter highlighting the potential of agriculture to reduce poverty and ensure food security for Africa by 2030, the importance of SHARE-funded PhD student Prince Antwi-Agyei’s research has never been more salient. 


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SHARE Research | Elsevier Atlas Award

And the award goes to...


...SuperAmma! Last month, a SHARE-funded article, Effect of a behaviour-change intervention on handwashing with soap in India (SuperAmma): a cluster-randomised trial, was awarded the one of the first ever Elsevier Atlas Awards, honouring its potential to significantly impact people's lives around the world.


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SHARE Research | Sanitation Microfinance

Disseminating Sanitation Microfinance Research in Tanzania

In December 2014, a SanFin-Tz workshop took place in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to disseminate the preliminary findings of the sanitation microfinance action-research that Tremolet Consulting has been co-leading with Microsave over the past year.


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Better WASH = healthier mums and babies


SHARE Research | PLOS Medicine Launch

This was the key message of the PLOS Medicine paper launched at LSHTM on 15th December 2014.  The launch was attended by more than 100 practitioners, policymakers and researchers from the WASH and maternal and newborn health sectors and a dynamic discussion about the role the excellent opportunity that improved WASH offers for MNH outcomes ensued. The 'Call to Action' paper was praised for offering strong evidence in support of and tangible recommendations for greater inter-sectoral collaboration.


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VIDEO: Toilets on Credit

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This video was produced by Tremolet Consulting and summarises the action-research they conducted for SHARE in Tanzania in which financial institutions were trained to provide financial services for sanitation. The video places this research project in the broader context and explains why microfinance should be explored further, and potentially, included in sanitation programmes.

VIDEO: Sanitation and Women in India - Reflections from Delhi

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This video features three groups of researchers reflecting upon the 'Sanitation and Women in India' workshop held in Delhi in November 2014. Here, they also summarise their SHARE-WSSCC funded studies, explaining the research questions they investigated and the findings they uncovered. We also hear from a workshop attendee, Sweta Patnaik, Policy Coordinator at WaterAid India.

POLICY BRIEF: Complementary Food Hygiene - An overlooked opportunity in the WASH, nutrition and health sectors

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This policy brief highlights the often overlooked opportunity that addressing complementary food hygiene offers the WASH, nutrition and health sectors for improving health outcomes. It outlines SHARE's contribution to narrowing the evidence gap concerning the relationship between food hygiene and child health, indicates opportunities for future research, and offers insights that could influence policy and improve programming in the WASH, nutrition and health sectors globally.

REPORT: Embedding Access to Finance in Sanitation Programmes

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This report was produced by Tremolet Consulting for WaterAid as part of the East Africa Workshop on Sanitation Microfinance that SHARE supported in May 2014. It proposes a step-by-step approach which NGOs or other public actors could take in order to identify what role(s) they can play in increasing access to finance for sanitation.

REPORT: SanFin-Tz Workshop (Dec 2014)

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This report summarises the proceedings of the SanFin-Tz workshop held in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania on 4th December 2014. The objective of the workshop was to share the preliminary findings from the SHARE-funded sanitation microfinance action-research project commenced in December 2013.

Compendium of Accessible WASH Technologies

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Based on the findings of the Undoing Inequity project, this compendium offers evidence-based guidance on how household WASH facilities can be made more accessible. It is intended for use by health workers, community volunteers and WASH practitioners working directly with disabled and older people and their families in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa.